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Salvaging Creativity collects natural and manmade objects for the unique characteristics they display.  Deconstructed and reworked, these pieces make their way into bases, supports, and decorative elements of handmade furniture.  We build our tables in amounts limited by the availability of found material.  In some cases, this results in only a single piece, in others, enough material is sourced to produce a limited number of similar pieces. The custom tables on this page represent these limited production lines.

The Minn-5 Coffee Table

The feet of this table are made from pulleys that turned belts for a 1920's drill press. Often ornately cast, the pulleys were stepped to adjust speeds.  We've finished these elements with black lacquer and paired them with a thick, natural edge walnut top.  Voids in the walnut slab are filled with clear resin and polished flat to the table top. (80" x 19.5' x 18" H)  $3,000

The 3-C coffee Table

A heavy bold flange ring used in mining equipment is the basis for this table.  Hand-punched serial numbers are stamped into the ring's perimeter giving additional industrial character to this piece.  Vertical motorcycle frame tubes support a York Ice Machinery, solid mahogany foundry pattern top.  (37.375" DIA x 18" H)  $2,875

The Louise coffee table

Beneath this laminated etched handmade glass top a curated collection of parts is displayed.  A black lacquer finish on the metal contrasts the custom white art glass shelf below.  (30" x 40" x 17.5" H)  $2,438

La Scala Coffee Table

We've repurposed this old, hand-forged and riveted ladder from York's industrial past into a purposeful piece with character. (40" x 30" x 17.5" H) $2,438

Overarm coffee table

Heavily textured by years of corrosion, salvaged 3/8" plate steel "overarm" braces support this table.  5/8" diameter square headed machine bolds lock the braces into form.  A 1/2" tempered glass top rests on two fire-finished pine upper supports.  Cast iron feet made from ogee timber washers are attached to two fire-finished pine lower supports. (48" x 48" x 18" H)  $4,300

Scissor slab coffee table

This live-edge coffee table features a butterfly-joined, book matched walnut slab top supported by rustic, hand-forged steel legs.  Texture, coloration, and master craftsmanship accentuate the story of this piece.  The passage of time and environmental influences are recorded in its grain.  (51" x 48" x 18.25 H)  $7,000

Tatlin Coffee Table

1920s Constructivism influences show through the built up flat bar truss base assembly, complete with a clear sealed, natural mill scale finish. The locally sourced, highly figured oak top is stained with a natural vinegar and steel wool wash. An open center design features a custom poured wire glass window over oak wood lattice stained grey.  (60" x 36" x 16.5" H)  $6,075

Mik-5 coffee table

Paired with a highly figured live-edge oak slab, the three gear-based legs form a simple and stable design.  (68" x 21" x 18" H)  $2,988

Bellwright Console Table

Painted an iconic aviation color, this handmade console table includes a foundry pattern frame with salvage bearing cap feet. Original hand-painted numbers and markings have been preserved and indicate instructions for pattern fit-up in the foundry. The top is a transparent 3/8" tempered glass. (60" x 16" x 32" H)  $2,725

Constantin Console Table

Components for this table were sourced from a pile of old combine harvester parts.  Two cast iron thresher drums stand repurposed as legs, finished with black lacquer.  A walnut top and highly figured walnut base add a natural warmth to this otherwise industrial piece. (60" x 15.5" x 32" H)  $3,963

Zuev Console Table

A belt pulley base with rust colored finish supports a custom cut wire glass top to complete this one of a kind console table.  The American Split Pulley Company of Philadelphia, PA manufactured the "feet of this table in the era of belt drive machinery, trains, boats, and almost planes. (60" x 16" x 32" H)  $3,600

The Ritter Dining Table

A pair of old cast iron lathe legs purchased during a friend's salvage trip to Maine are matched with a maple workbench to create a fluid base.  The 1/2" clear tempered glass top provides an unobstructed view to the beauty and uniqueness of this piece. Seats 6 comfortably.  (72" x 40" x 30.5" H)  $6,247

The sullivan Dining table

The use of the  "I" beam celebrates a strong, straight-forward and inherently simple design.  Legs and hand-forged supports display an oil rubbed black linseed oil finish.  A thick walnut top adorns this sturdy base.  (96" x 38.5" x 30.5" H)  $7,075

Flask End Tables

Retired foundry flasks originally held the sand for casting.  A pattern would be imprinted to the sand within the flask; molten aluminum was poured to form.  These well-worn cracked and retired flasks are supported by 1/4" hot rolled steel plate legs.  The finish is a natural hot rolled mill scale with clear acrylic sealer. Top is 1/2 " tempered glass.  (24" x 24" x 28" H)  $1,500 each

how to order

We're not a large shop and at the moment, we choose to avoid large credit card fees by accepting personal and business checks.  To place an order call Greg at 970-980-4656.  Orders will be processed once payment has been received. Trade pricing is available. Prices do not include applicable taxes or shipping charges.  For in-stock tables allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.

Custom Table orders

See something you like, but need a different size, color, or shape?  Contact us about creating a custom piece to match your style and space. Custom orders typically take 10-12 weeks for delivery once payment is received. 

Some other things to know

Photos are representative of the quality and style of work available, but each piece is dictated by the limited availability and unique characteristics of material. This means there may some subtle variations between your piece and the one in the photo on our website.  Markings or signs of material ware from an object's former life are a few examples that may be different from piece to piece. That's what makes each table one of a kind. Measurements and finish styles will be the same as what you see in our photos and descriptions.  If this makes you a bit uneasy, a custom order may be the best route for you.