Salvaging Creativity is a maker as well as a facilitator of public and private arts projects.  We see ourselves as creative fabricators and craftsman but are known to turn out pure sculpture when the opportunity arises.

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The City of York, PA Street Sculpture/Architecture Project

Salvaging Creativity has been a partner in the development of a downtown street architecture program for the City of York, PA since 2009.  With Downtown Inc. and other partners, we piloted the Beaver Street Architecture project by fabricating 12 artistic but functional street elements.  

A year later we facilitated the design selection through installation for 10 more sculptural pieces along George Street.  The concept and process is a story to be shared, so we helped initiate and guide a documentary of the process.  Through generous funding by Wagman Construction, Inc., the story behind the George Street Architecture Project was captured by local film maker Diemo Video.  

The vision is for the city of York, PA to change street by street. Currently, private businesses fund public space amenities using local makers.  Ultimately, we hope that a public sculpture program can be structured so that York City's public spaces to become a self funded revolving gallery which conveys the story of York's maker identity.  

More Details?  Watch the documentary-  We worked with local Filmakers at Diemo Video to share the story of Street Art in York, PA.

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